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    Afrocentric Hair Care, a company history.

    Whilst Afrocentric Design was established in 1994, the company had already been conceived back in 1992 when its chief executive officer, Mr Jabu Stone, turned his back on the then growing trend of African people loosing their natural identities to conform to those of other cultures, particularly western.

    Uppermost was the concern to which African people, both male and female would deny themselves the beauty of their own natural hair texture by flattening it with relaxers, perms and other similar hair products. Not only were our African people, to say the least, damaging their own hair but also destroying their African identity and our rich heritage was being sacrificed to promote western culture and western values.

    Jabu Stone is regarded in many circles as " Mr Dreads" because of his dedication and vigorous pursuance of the African identity through the promotion of braids and African locks amongst African people. Few people are aware of the significance of dreads or African-locks. "After all African-locks is the oldest hairstyle to be found on the continent and there must definitely be something wrong with the fact that they are regarded as the alternative", says Mr Stone.